About Us

Since 2006, InSource Employment Screening Services has provided nationwide employment screening and background check services.

InSource has emerged as a leading provider of screening services because we are committed to exceeding the background screening industry standards. InSource will work closely with your company to develop an effective, efficient, and compliant program that falls within your budget. However, InSource believes that every client, large or small, deserves personal attention and quality service.

At InSource, we pride ourselves on our professional service, quality work, quick turnaround time, accuracy, competitive prices, experience and legal compliance knowledge. InSource supplies our clients with high quality employment screening and background checks using the industry best practices. We feel that your employment screening partner should be more than just another online service.

COMMITTED TO QUALITY - With today's extraordinarily tight employment market, companies are interviewing candidates they might not have considered in the past. As a result, applicant screening plays a crucial role in the hiring process. Each screening program is tailored to the client's industry and their related exposure to risk. And while cost and efficiency are critical, at InSource, they never come at the expense of accuracy. Our skilled staff work together to personally confirm each piece of data. Additionally, our automated quality assurance measures ensure that our clients can rely on the information in every candidate's profile.

DRIVEN BY INNOVATION - Leading-edge technology allows us to offer the simplest, most efficient applicant screening system on the market. Using our clients' real-world needs, InSource uses a state of art software that allows clients to administer their own customized screening programs. Information is exchanged instantly, enabling efficient storing, archiving and retrieval of profile data.

RENOWNED FOR SERVICE - InSource clients have come to expect extraordinary service. We would not have it any other way. We consider our clients - whether industry giants or small family businesses - as partners and friends. We make a point to get to know our clients, to listen carefully to their needs, and to respond promptly when they have questions or concerns. Our goal is for every client relationship to become absolutely invaluable.

A dedication to quality, an attitude that embraces innovation and a passion for unparalleled service - these are the qualities that have defined who we are, and the commitment that we bring to our clients.

Our Technology


To maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality of both client and applicant information, our system utilizes 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL is also used by the financial industry and for military systems.


Orders can be entered directly by clients at anytime, removing bottlenecks caused by faxing and data entry. Processing begins within minutes, increasing turn-around time for finished reports.


Order status can be checked and reports viewed in real time via our website. With 24/7 availability to information through a standard web browser, applicants can be managed on your schedule, from any location.

Easy to Use

A familiar tab-style interface includes easy-to-understand menus and instructions that novice computer users can easily master. When questions arise, a well-documented help system provides quick answers. Our website help desk and customer service department is also just a phone call or email away.


InSource Employment Screening Services utilizes technology that is fully XML compliant and based on the HR-XML specification. This insures a stable, standards-based system that can expand with our clients to maintain the highest levels of performance. In addition, XML interfaces can be quickly built to allow automated data transfer and integration with our client's human resources management systems (HRMS) and applicant tracking applications.

Feature Summary

  • Web-based interface
  • SSL 128 bit encryption
  • XML Compliant
  • Real-time information
  • Email notification
  • Online order entry

Why InSource Employment Screening Services?

Personalized Customer Service

InSource Employment Screening takes pride in delivering personalized customer service by account representatives that are familiar with your business needs and account details. Highly-trained representatives are available to provide training, assist with FCRA compliance, facilitate complex orders, and help with any other needs of our clients.

Advanced Web-based Technology

While we believe that technology is never a substitute for human interaction, InSource maintains the latest in computer systems technology. This commitment provides greater efficiency, resulting in lower costs, faster turn-around times and better customer service. Our secure, web-based system offers clients 24x7 ordering, status updates, report access, online invoicing and more. Integration to HR systems is also available through our XML-compliant interface. For those clients who prefer more traditional methods, faxing of orders and reports is also available.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Our clients benefit from enhanced security, reduced liability, improved stability, increased productivity and cost savings in their candidate selection and hiring process.

Our Guarantee

We take great pride in our services and strive to provide the best customer satisfaction every time we perform a background check. We obtain our data from proprietary resources, government entities, and classified access restricted databases.

InSource maintains strict procedures intended to ensure the information is current and complete, but not guarantee or warranty the accuracy or truthfulness of the information as to the subject of the background screening, but only that it was accurately copied and/or obtained from public records deemed reliable by InSource.

We stand behind our products, committed to quality customer service, and quick turnaround times. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, we will credit your account for the cost of the search(s) provided. By offering this money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best quality information and service.