Welcome to InSource

InSource Employment Screening Services is a nationwide, one-stop employment screening and background check company. InSource was created on the foundation of providing world-class customer service, cost-effective pricing and the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

InSource has developed a fully customizable and cost-effective background check solution for organizations of any size but we specialize in small business owners and non-profit organizations that need our service but not the large screening company price. By choosing to work with InSource for your employment screening and background check needs, you can be confident that your organization is working with a professional and knowledgeable screening company.

InSource's user-friendly, web-based solutions simplify the background screening process.

  • Easily and securely order employment background checks and other screening services, view pending reports in real time, and retrieve and archive completed reports.
  • Our optional e-forms solution allows prospective employees to provide information directly to InSource, reducing your workload.
  • InSource also integrates with leading ATS and HRIS solutions to help you further automate your workforce management.

Our innovative solutions can help you save time and money, get the facts to make a sound hiring decision, reduce liability, detect falsified job applications and provide a safer work environment and improve work productivity. Contact us today to learn more.